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A Taste With The Royals at MGM Resorts

Vegas anyone? We brought five Restaurant Royals to one of the largest food centers of the world to place a dish of their choice on the global stage.

FoodChasers of Philadelphia, PA, was one of the restaurants featured at MGM Public House and Libertine Social. After joining us in Vegas, the FoodChasers team saw an increase in foot traffic and orders of their signature dish, Shrimp & Grits, for 3 months after their Vegas experience.

7 Chefs



Fans Engaged


On Las Vegas Strip

Pepsi Dig In Day - A Movement, Not A Moment

Since 2020, Pepsi Dig In Day has been activated to drive traffic to thousands of Black-owned restaurants across the country. Last year, we invested over $100K into 25 Pepsi customers, welcoming their community to dine in on our tab. Restaurants were able to see an increase in revenue on the holiday.


Restaurants Impacted


Foodies Reached


Corporate Partners

Getting Black-Owned Restaurants Ready for a Digital World

Let's face it - we live (and eat) in a digital world. Black Restaurants Deliver has helped over 700 restaurants grow their businesses and drive sales growth by over $23 million by offering a digital revamp, including new delivery services and marketing support.

Restaurants like Ruby's Southern Comfort Kitchen partner with us to create more seamless workflows and learn effective methods to manage their online presence. We provided the team with a native online ordering system and a marketing activation, all of which supported an increase of 15-20% in sales.


Restaurants Impacted


Increased Revenue


Increase In Online Sales

Our restaurant partners win with our support. Get started today with resources designed specifically for you.

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