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We created Pepsi Dig In to change the restaurant industry. Along with the normal challenges of being a business owner, Black restaurateurs face obstacles that make it difficult to create a business and have it thrive.

Our mission is to give Black-owned restaurants the resources they need to build and grow. We provide support to overcome foundational challenges, resources for digital optimization and programs to raise the visibility of Black-owned restaurants.


In Grants to 300 Black-Owned Businesses


Restaurant Optimizations


Foodies Engaged

  • Provide access for the community
  • Develop growth opportunity for Black-owned restaurateurs
  • Raise visibility for the restaurant industry

We create the tools for you to succeed so you can focus on the day-to-day growth of your operation.

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Impact is How We Measure Success

Our impact goes beyond dollar sales. Restaurateurs who have participated in our programs walk away with invaluable information to scale their businesses.

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